About us

Who are we?

MyPloto is a pet caring service provider located in Dubai with a solid vision to build a strong and unique brand in the pet service provider market in all United Arab Emirates, and invading this market in Dubai as a start till we footprint all United Arab Emirates with our qualified services and create a mother brand that would be immediately identifiable and establish a sense of trust with all our customers.

What we offer?

  1. Pet Grooming
  2. Pet Day Care
  3. Pet Setting
  4. Pet Taxi
  5. Pet Training
  6. Pet Walking
  7. Pet Boarding

All services have variety of packages either (hourly or per session or by different monthly memberships) our professional team will make sure that your pet will always get the highest level of carness as we treat them as if they are our own in a very friendly and warm environment for your pets.

Goal and Objective

  • Establish a category dominance.
  • Increase our customer's segmentation.
  • Creating a niche for our services in each home across all U.A.E.
  • Increase our market's profit margin by having a new place and increasing our offered services.
  • Have a strong and memorable brand personality by enhancing our service, team and lowering their budget.
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Our Mission

To provide innovative, high-quality, 100 % compliance, cost-effective, and pet-friendly health care that will entice your pet to return time and time again.

Our Vision

We adore animals and believe that they help us become better people. MyPloto is a reliable partner for pet parents and their pets at all times.




Served Pets